Since its establishment in 1991, the company RUNEKO, s.r.o. headquartered in Žilina has focused on production and trading activities with especially structural plastics made from basic polymer compounds such as PA 6 known under the brands SILAMID® and PA 66 SILAMID that have been on the market for over 60 years. RUNEKO, s.r.o. shows a continuous interest in research and development as it has its own special certified laboratory. Other commodities sold by our company are, for example, compounds of polymers such as PP known under the brand RONALEN or PC, PET, PC/ABS, ABS/PC, HIPS. The company also deals with the recycling of almost all the types of structural plastics.

Our know-how and flexibility enable us to offer our customers tailor-made products. The company’s objective is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with the main focus on specific customer demands, full customer support included. Our deliveries ranging from 25 kg to full truck orders show that we try to meet wishes of all our customers.

Thanks to their characteristics, our chips/granules offer a balanced ratio of physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal and colouristic qualities, with the possibility of applying a wide range of additives, filling agents, modifiers or flame-retardants. The chips further show thermal and UV resistance, antistatic stabilisation in the entire RAL colour range making it possible to prepare the types that can be adjusted to special customer demands, i.e. to the production of „tailor-made composites“.

The variety of properties of SILAMID products make this brand usable for different technical parts produced by injection for automotive industry for the both, internal and external application, and electro-technical and consumer goods industry. It is further used for sports goods, railway and civil engineering and many other economic sectors.

Our company focuses on the observance of principles of environmental protection. That is the reason why, apart from our zero-raw material waste strategy, we also apply 100% recycling of packaging materials and perform activities concerning waste handling, procurement of any form of waste plastics (regring, injection intakes etc.), and processing (crushing, regranulation) and application of plastic waste supplied by the both, our customers and other suppliers. Moreover, we offer our customers
comprehensive services, i.e. anything from the pick-up of materials in their premises, crushing, regranulation, including different modifications of physical and mechanical properties, to the delivery of such materials back to customers.

As regards, usable by-products, we produce and sell SILAMID products of industrial (technical) quality.

The company management pays interest to a continuous improvement of production processes in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction.